How to renew a CSCS Card

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Any card system which validates an individual’s trade knowledge and understanding of the Construction Skills and Certification Scheme (CSCS) is a valuable commodity which delivers both on- and off-site benefits for card holders. Both employers and co-workers will take confidence from this endorsement of a worker’s familiarity with core health and safety concepts within the […]


What is a CSCS Card

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CSCS or Construction Skills Certification Scheme Cards are used by construction companies throughout the UK as proof that workers and visitors are competent in carrying out their tasks safely. This scheme was introduced in the mid 90s to combat the rising number of onsite accidents and since its introduction the number of reported accidents have […]


Behavioural Case Study Questions

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As of April 2012 the CSCS Test or what’s technically known as the CITB Health Safety and Environment Test has added a new feature called behavioural case study questions. With the core components of the original cscs test remaining the same, this new feature will test your reaction and behaviour towards different health and safety […]


Introduction to the CSCS Test

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Otherwise known as the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, the CSCS test is one of the most important and valued health and safety examinations in the United Kingdom. The ultimate aim of this test is to provide any employees with valuable on-site knowledge regarding safe conduct to help avoid personal injury or damage. Therefore, a number […]

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    49/50 not bad to say never been onsite and new to industry. Great help, thank you. Now to brush up on fire extinguisher colour/contents 🙂

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    best read, helped a lot to make my questions clear!
    Thank you very much

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    how many out of 50 do you need to pass