CITB CSCS Mock Test – Manual Handling

The CITB CSCS mock test below features 19 core knowledge questions and answers from the manual handling section, this is an up-to-date CITB CSCS mock test for operatives taking their test in 2022. Most of the questions will require a single answer, if a question requires multiple answers you will need to select all the correct answers to get a full point for that question.

1. Is using a wheelbarrow to carry a load considered manual handling?

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2. What should you do if you need to move items which are too heavy to carry in a single load?

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3. What should you do if a previous back injury is affecting the job you’re currently doing?

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4. All of the following statements about manual handling are true EXCEPT:  (Choose 2 answers)

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5. How should you pick up a load which is heavier on one side?

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6. What should you do if a wheel has fallen off of the trolley you are using?

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7. If you need to move a load while sitting you should always remember that:

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8. What should you do if you discover a better way of lifting a load than the method currently in place?

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9. What should you do if you need to carry a load down a steep slope?

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10. What should you be aware of if you have to carry a load in cold and damp conditions? (Choose 2 answers)

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11. How should you position yourself if you need to lift a load from the ground?

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12. Which part of your body are you most likely to injure if you lift heavy loads?

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13. What should you do if a load is too heavy for you to move on your own, there are no colleagues around to help you, and the load cannot be divided into smaller parts?

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14. The maximum weight you can carry should be decided by:

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15. If you have to lift a heavy load your employer must _______.

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16. Before attempting to lift a heavy load you should always try to ______.

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17. According to the regulations for manual handling, all workers must ______.

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18. What should you do if you need to lift a load which blocks your front view?

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19. Which of these should you consider before carrying a load? (Choose 3 answers)

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