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CSCS Mock Test 2020 – (100 multiple choice questions)

The CSCS mock test 2020 below features 100 multiple choice questions and answers to help you practice and prepare for your Health, Safety and Environment test in 2020. These 100 questions will cover all 16 sections of the core knowledge questions you’re likely to face.

There will be no time limit, so take your time and go through each question carefully. Also, let us know in the comments section how you got on. Was it easy? Was it difficult? Share your thoughts on this CSCS mock test 2020 below. Good luck!!!

1. What should you do if your supervisor asks you to operate a dump truck but you’ve never actually driven one before?

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2. When referring to ladders, which out of these four statements is NOT true?

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3. What type of fire extinguisher should be used on cooking oil fires?

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4. What procedure should you follow if you’re refuelling a dumper and accidentally spill a large amount of petrol?

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5. Which of these emergency procedures should be explained at your site induction? (Choose 3 answers)

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6. What should you do if you discover a quicker, but different way of working as described in the method statement?

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7. Why does a work environment need to be kept clean?

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8. As work progresses, you realize that the safety rules given at your site induction are clearly out-of-date, you should_______.

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9. When using a ladder you should always enure that you have at least ____ points of contact.

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10. All of the following are true about ladders EXCEPT: (choose 2 answers)

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11. Information regarding site traffic rules are usually ___.

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12. Which of these should you consider before carrying a load?

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13. Which of these is most likely to cause hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)?

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14. What does this sign mean?

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15. What is the first thing you should do if you discover a fire on-site?

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16. In accordance with the guidance on underground service pipes, yellow service pipes carry ___.

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17. What should you do if you need to carry a load down a steep slope?

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18. What should you do if you have to work near an electric cable which has exposed wires?

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19. Which condition is most likely if someone's body comes into contact with wet cement?

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20. What health problem is associated with using hand-held vibrating tools?

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21. Which of these is NOT normally included in the general site rules?

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22. What is the main purpose of a fire extinguisher?

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23. A residual current device (RCD) should be used with 230v tools because ___.

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24. The Main reason for carrying out an accident investigation is to:

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25. What does this sign mean?

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26. What do fire extinguishers with a Blue colour band contain?

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27. What should you do if a load is too heavy for you to move on your own, there are no colleagues around to help you, and the load cannot be divided into smaller parts?

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28. What equipment should be used when digging close to underground electrical services?

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29. Which of these best describes a “tool box talk”?

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30. You should not walk behind a lorry while it is reversing because_____.

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31. When are the rules regarding health and safety normally discussed?

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32. You’re about to carry out a job which requires a hot-work permit, you must ensure____. (Choose 2 answers)

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33. Why must workers sign in when entering a site?

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34. What is the best way to avoid an accident with site traffic if you need to walk across the site?

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35. What is the first thing you should do if you notice diesel spilling onto the ground while a colleague is refuelling an excavator?

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36. Blue and white health and safety signs mean:

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37. Which of these could be used to verify that a signaller is trained and competent?

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38. Green safety signs signify:

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39. Who is responsible for reporting unsafe working conditions on a building site?

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40. What should you do if you notice a mobile crane about to hit something while lifting a load?

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41. Which of these should NOT be used on electrical fires? (Choose 2 answers)

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42. A co-worker is dizzy and complains of feeling faint, what should you do?

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43. You see a lorry parking and notice it has a flat tyre; you should tell the driver because ____.

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44. Why is a site induction important?

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45. Two of the main topics covered in a site induction are: (Choose 2 answers)

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46. How would you know if you need a permit to work before starting a job?

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47. What should you do if you realize you cannot carry out a job as described in the method statement?

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48. Which of these are common fire risks on a constructions site? (Choose 2 answers)

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49. Before you can operate a plant on site you must be ___ and ___. (Choose 2 answers)

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50. What do fire extinguishers with a Red colour band contain?

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51. What does this sign mean?

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52. What are Class Three ladders designed for?

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53. What do fire extinguishers with a Cream colour band contain?

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54. Site inductions should be attended by:

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55. Which state of being will reduce the likelihood of you suffering from hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)?

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56. RIDDOR is a health and safety term related to:

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57. The responsibility of managing health and safety on a construction site belongs to:

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58. What should you do if you’re attending a site induction and the presenter says something you don’t understand?

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59. What is the first thing you as a worker should do when you first arrive on site?

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60. What does this sign mean?

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61. Pedestrians are most likely to get injured by a vehicle on site when the vehicle is ___.

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62. You have to carry out a job that requires flammable liquid, how much flammable liquid should you take from the stores?

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63. What should you do if a vehicle is lifting materials and you need to walk under the load to get to your place of work?

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64. What must do when working in a hearing protection zone?

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65. Maintaining a clean working environment helps to: (choose 3 answers)

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66. Before using a power tool, you should carry out a visual inspection, what are the 2 main things you should look for? (Choose 2 answers)

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67. Which of the following should risk assessments identify?

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68. Battery-powered tools are usually preferred in a construction environment over their electrical counterparts because ___.

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69. How can you check if a residual current device (RCD) connected to a power tool is working correctly?

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70. What should you do if there is a large fire on-site and you have not been trained to use a fire extinguisher?

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71. According to the fire triangle, what 3 factors must be present for a fire to start? (Choose 3 answers)

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72. If someone is using a mobile crane and you need to get pass, you should___.

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73. If you have to use a power tool with a rotating blade you should ___.

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74. What does this sign mean?

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75. Which of these could be used as a safety precaution if a vehicle has to tip materials into an excavation?

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76. If a site vehicle is driving well above the speed limit on site, you should ___.

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77. What should you do if a previous back injury is affecting the job you’re currently doing?

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78. What is the primary reason that employees must report any and all accidents that occur on the job site?

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79. What type of health and safety signs are triangular?

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80. You have to work in a corridor which happens to be a fire escape route, you must ensure that_________.

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81. If a work tool has been given a prohibition notice this means the tool ___.

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82. Serious accidents should be reported to:

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83. A near miss can be described as:

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84. What should you do before adjusting an electric hand tool?

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85. What should you do if you think that loud noises at work has damaged your hearing?

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86. What is the main advantage of using battery-powered tools instead of electrical ones?

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87. What is the best method for minimizing dust at a work site?

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88. Which of these is most likely if you can see frost around the valve of an LPG cylinder?

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89. Who should a signaller be in contact with at all times while giving signals?

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90. All of the following statements about manual handling are true EXCEPT:  (Choose 2 answers)

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91. What purpose does a steel toe serve in a work boot?

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92. How can you reverse hearing damage that was caused by long-term noise exposure?

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93. What type of fire extinguisher should be used on a fuel-based fire?

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94. What do fire extinguishers with a Black colour band contain?

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95. What does it mean if your entire work-site has been given a prohibition notice?

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96. What does this sign mean?

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97. What should you do if the trolley you’re using gets damaged and one of its wheels fall off?

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98. What are three early signs of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)? (Choose 3 answers)

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99. What should you do if another contractor is carrying out work which affects your safety?

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100. What does this sign mean?

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