CSCS Card Mock Test – Site Transport and Lifting Operations

This CSCS card mock test covers questions you can expect from the site transport and lifting operations section of the CSCS card test for operatives. As normal, these questions will be added to our CSCS test questions bank here. Don’t forget to like, share, or comment if you found this CSCS card mock test useful. Good luck!!!

1. You see a lorry parking and notice it has a flat tyre; you should tell the driver because ____.

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2. What should you do if you see a mobile plant using a route designated for pedestrians?

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3. Which of these could help a signaller stay safe while carrying out their job?

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4. What is the most common way of keeping traffic routes free from pedestrians?

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5. What should you do if your supervisor asks you to operate a dump truck but you’ve never actually driven one before?

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6. What is the MAIN danger when walking next to a 360° crane that’s working near a wall?

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7. Which of these could be used as a safety precaution if a vehicle has to tip materials into an excavation?

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8. If a site vehicle is driving well above the speed limit on site, you should____.

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9. You should not walk behind a lorry while it is reversing because_____.

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10. Which of these could be used to verify that a signaller is trained and competent?

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11. Pedestrians are most likely to get injured by a vehicle on site when the vehicle is___.

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12. What should you do if you notice a mobile crane about to hit something while lifting a load?

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13. What should you do if you think a load is going to fall from a moving vehicle?

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14. What should you do if a vehicle is lifting materials and you need to walk under the load to get to your place of work?

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15. Who should a signaller be in contact with at all times while giving signals?

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16. What is the best way to avoid an accident with site traffic if you need to walk across the site?

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17. If someone is using a mobile crane and you need to get pass, you should___.

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18. What does the signal below mean?

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19. Before you can operate a plant on site you must be ___. (Choose 2 answers)

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20. Information regarding site traffic rules are usually ___.

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