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CSCS Mock Test 2

Having a CSCS card is a vital asset for anyone working or anyone who wants to work in the construction industry, to get a CSCS card you will need to pass the health safety and environment test then apply for your card. Passing the test requires a bit of revision and most importantly it requires a lot of practice.

Utilizing questions that are similar to the real CSCS test questions like the ones below is the best way of preparing yourself for the test, it gives you an insight as to what the questions will look like and the level of difficulty.

For this CSCS practice test we’ll be asking questions based on manual handling, fire extinguishers, PPE and other core topics of the CSCS test. All questions will require a single answer and all answers will be revealed after you’ve completed all 10 CSCS test questions.

1. Which voltage can cause severe injury or death?

a. 110 volts

b. 220 volts

c. 480 volts

d. All listed voltages can cause death

2. What does the term PAT signify when referred to in the construction industry?

a. Portable Appliance Test

b. Professional Appliance Test

c. Professional Aptitude Test

d. Portable Application Test

3. What purpose does a steel toe serve in a work boot?

a. Increased traction when working from heights

b. Increased comfort

c. The steel will keep the foot more aerated than a normal boot

d. Protection against falling debris from above

4. A first aid box is designed to be used on a site that contains more than:

a. Five employees

b. Ten employees

c. First aid boxes are required regardless of the number of employees

d. First aid boxes are provided at the employer’s discretion

5. Which of these items would not need to undergo a PAT test in the workplace?

a. A battery operated drill

b. A coffee machine

c. A television

d. A plug-in battery charger

6. When referring to ladders, which out of these four statements is not true?

a. ladder needs to be footed for angles less than seventy-five degrees

b. Three points of contact need to be maintained when using a ladder

c. Fibreglass ladders can help lessen the chances of electrical grounding

d. A ladder should always be painted to avoid excess wear and tear

7. Which condition is most likely if someone’s body comes into contact with wet cement?

a. Chemical burns

b. Internal bleeding

c. Temporary hair loss around the area of contact

d. There is no effect

8. For safety purposes, what is the optimal ladder angle when placed against the wall from the ground?

a. 45°

b. 75°

c. 25°

d. 40°

9. Why does a work environment need to be kept clean?

a. To deter rodents and other such animals

b. To reduce the risk of slips and falls

c. To protect the environment

d. All of the above

10. What is the primary reason that employees must report any and all accidents that occur on the job site?

a. Insurance reasons dictate that all incidents be reported

b. Accountability needs to be firmly established

c. Only major accidents need to be reported. Those resulting in minor injuries do not

d. Employers and employees can learn from the incident

Answers to this CSCS Practice Test
1-d  2-a  3-d  4-c  5-a  6-d  7-a  8-b  9-d  10-d


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