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CSCS Mock Test 4

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme test, otherwise known simply as the CSCS test or CITB Health Safety and Environment Test will provide construction workers with a high level of safety knowledge while on the job site. Once you’ve passed the test, you can then apply for a CSCS card to signify your skill level in regards to health and safety knowledge. There are a number of aspects to cover, so a CSCS card mock test is an excellent way to prepare for the actual exam.

The real CSCS test will cover various areas that are critical to on-the-job safety. Likewise, this CSCS card mock test will cover some of the core knowledge questions you’re likely to come across on your test day. This CSCS mock exam consists of a series of multiple choice questions followed by a selection of four answers. Good luck!!!

1. When should you report a health and safety concern to your supervisor?

a. When your personal safety is threatened

b. When the safety of a co-worker is threatened

c. When the safety of a third party is threatened

d. All of the above

2. What do cream fire extinguishers contain?

a. Carbon dioxide

b. Water

c. Dry powder

d. Foam

3. When using a ladder you should always ensure that you have at least ____ points of contact.

a. 3

b. 2

c. 4

d. 1

4. All of the following statements about manual handling are true EXCEPT:   Choose 2 answers

a. Back braces are designed to increase the amount of weight you can carry

b. The side effects of manual handling can go undetected for years

c. Manual handling should be avoided if you can use mechanical lifting aide

d. Wearing a back brace eliminates all risk of injury

5. Blue and white health and safety signs mean:

a. A hazard is present

b. An action is mandatory

c. It prohibits you from performing a specific task

d. You’re in a restricted zone

6. The nozzle of a CO2 fire extinguisher is well known for becoming ___ after use.

a. Very hot

b. Slightly hot

c. Very cold

d. Slightly cold

7. How many basic elements does a fire need to start?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

8. If you’re the first person to discover a fire, what should you do?

a. Leave the building immediately

b. Activate the fire alarm

c. Head to your locker and get your personal items

d. Pick up a fire extinguisher and tackle the fire

9. Which of these two types of fire extinguishers should you avoid using in confined spaces? Choose 2 answers

a. Water

b. Foam

c. Carbon dioxide

d. Dry powder

10. What type of health and safety signs are triangular?

a. Prohibition

b. Mandatory

c. Hazard

d. No smoking signs

11. What should you do if you’re using an electric hand tool and it suddenly cuts out?

a. Shake it and see if it starts again

b. Switch it off, unplug it, look for signs of damage

c. Switch the power on and off constantly to see if it would start again

d. Leave it plugged in (to save time) and look for signs of damage

12. A residual current device should be used with 230v tools because ___.

a. It makes the tool energy efficient

b. It automatically lowers the voltage

c. It allows the tool to run faster

d. It quickly cuts off the power if a fault is detected

13. What is the main advantage of using battery-powered tools instead of electrical ones?

a. They are cheaper to maintain

b. They produce less noise

c. They are more powerful

d. They’re safer

14. How can you check if a residual current device (RCD) connected to a power tool is working correctly?

a. Turn the tool on and off repeatedly

b. Push the test button on the RCD

c. Run the tool at its slowest speed

d. Run the tool at its highest speed

15. Battery-powered tools are usually preferred in a construction environment over their electrical counterparts because ___.

a. They’re cheaper to run and maintain

b. They do not need to undergo electrical inspection

c. You won’t get an electrical shock from them

d. They lighter to carry around

1. d.    2. d    3. a    4. a and d    5. b    6. c    7. b    8. b    9. c and d    10. c   11. b  12. d  13. d  14. b  15. c


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