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CSCS Mock Test 5

Start preparing for your CSCS test with our free CSCS mock test questions. When practicing online you’ll need questions that are similar or even identical to the real test questions, with our CSCS mock exam that’s exactly what you’ll get so you can practice and feel confident on your test day.

Please read the questions carefully as some questions will require multiple answers, all answers to this CSCS card practice test are at the bottom.

1. Which of these best describes a “tool box talk”?

a. It’s a detailed guide on how to store your tools safely

b. It’s a short discussion on a specific health and safety topic

c. It’s a guide that outlines the tools approved for use on site

d. It’s a guide that explains the benefits of choosing the right tools for a job

2. A near miss can be described as:

a. An accident that resulted in time off from work

b. A minor accident which could have been avoided

c. An accident which was narrowly avoided

d. A minor accident that was unreported

3. What’s the main purpose of a risk assessment?

a. It tells you who is in charge of health and safety on your site

b. It provides in depth statistics of all recorded accidents

c. It identifies hazards and provides a safe method for carrying out a task

d. It tells you the location of all safety equipment

4. The responsibility of managing health and safety on a construction site belongs to:

A Your supervisor

b. Your health and safety rep

c. Your site manager

d. The HSE

5. After working a few months on a building site you realize that the safety rules explained at your site induction are outdated; what should you do?

a. Carry on working as site safety is not your responsibility

b. Ask your colleagues for their opinion and follow their recommendations

c. Raise your concerns with your supervisor

d. Create and implement your own safety rules

6. All of the following are true about ladders EXCEPT: (choose 2 answers)

a. Class 3 ladders are meant for domestic use

b. Ladders should be painted to prevent wear and tear

c. When using a ladder you should always maintain 3 points of contact with the ladder

d. Two people can work on the same ladder as long as the supervisor approves

7. Which type of fire extinguisher should be your SECOND option for tackling electrical fires?

a. Foam

b. Water

c. Dry powder

d. Wet chemical

8. Which of these should you consider before carrying a load?

A. The distance you need to travel

b. Whether or not the path is clear and hazard free

c. The weight and dimensions of the object

d. All of the above

9. RIDDOR is a health and safety term related to:

a. Safe use of chemicals in the workplace

b. Reporting of diseases and dangerous occurrences in the workplace

c. It tells you how to carry out a task safely

d. Proper manual handling techniques in the workplace

10. Maintaining a clean working environment helps to: (choose 3 answers)

a. Reduce slips, trips and falls

b. Prevent animals from entering the site and spreading diseases

c. Eliminate the cost of hiring cleaners

d. Reduce the impact on the environment

11. What should you do if you have to work near an electric cable which has exposed wires?

a. Touch it to see if it’s live

b. Stay away from the cable and report it to your supervisor

c. Move the cable out of your way and start working

d. Stay clear of the cable and carry on with your work

12. Before using a power tool, you should carry out a visual inspection, what are the 2 main things you should look for? (Choose 2 answers)

a. Make sure the manufacturer’s logo isn’t damaged

b. Make sure the carry case isn’t damaged

c. Make sure the power lead, plug and casing aren’t damaged

d. Make sure switches, triggers, and guards are correctly adjusted

13. What should you do if you need to use a power tool and the guard is missing?

a. Try to make your own

b. Use the tool in short bursts to minimize risk

c. Do not use the tool until it has been fitted with a proper guard

d. Put on safety gloves and continue working

14. If you have to use a power tool with a rotating blade you should ___.

a. Adjust the guard so that most of the blade is visible

b. Remove the guard so that you can work faster

c. Ensure you are wearing safety gloves then remove the guard

d. Adjust the guard to allow just enough blade to get the job done

15. What should you do before adjusting an electric hand tool?

a. Ensure the power tool is switched off only

b. Ensure the power tool is switched off and it is unplugged from the socket

c. Ask a supervisor to do it for you

d. Make sure you are wearing safety gloves if you leave it plugged into the power socket

1. b  2. c  3. c  4. c  5. c  6. b and d  7. c  8. d  9. b  10. a, b, d   11. b  12. c and d  13. c  14. d  15. b

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