CSCS Revision Book

Passing the CSCS Health and Safety Test is an absolutely essential part of obtaining a CSCS card. These role-specific cards identify an individual as being proficient in certain areas of workplace safety, the test itself provides an unparalleled level of insight into the various nuances involving workplace safety and is therefore quite thorough in the amount of information it covers.

The CSCS test is similar to any other examination as it requires a great deal of practice and revision, preparation is key to passing your CSCS test. One of the best and most efficient ways to study for this test is by using the official CSCS revision book. Here’s a quick overview of what this revision book contains and how it can help you prepare for your CSCS card test.

What’s covered in the CSCS Test Revision Book

The official CSCS revision book first delves into the five core areas that must be learned before taking the examination. These areas are:

  • Legal and management
  • Healthy and welfare.
  • General safety
  • High-risk activities.
  • Environmental issues

These five areas are essential to know in-depth, and the official CSCS revision book will provide all the questions and answers needed to pass on your first attempt. In addition to these core areas, the specialist test will also include these topics:

  • Supervision.
  • Highway works.
  • Working at heights.
  • Demolition.
  • Gas, plumbing and tunnelling.
  • Lift and escalator safety.
  • Basic safety knowledge of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Recent additions to the CSCS Test

Although these core areas of competency represent a sizable portion of the overall examination, some recent changes have been made in the CSCS card requirements that are reflected in the latest test module. Respiratory risks are now inclusive as well as questions specifically addressed to environmental issues (pollution, waste disposal, handling of hazardous substances, etc.)

Another area that has been introduced is that of behavioural case studies. These behavioural case study questions are based directly on the film “Setting Out”, this short film was developed to help clarify employers’ responsibilities to ensure the safety of their workers while simultaneously addressing the need for workers to interact safely within the workplace environment.

All 12 questions regarding behavioural studies will be centred around this free film.

Additional information covered in this CSCS revision book

Apart from CSCS test questions and answers, you’ll also find general information regarding the CSCS test, these include:

  • What to expect on your test day
  • Recent changes to the test
  • Information regarding the behavioural case study questions
  • Information regarding the knowledge questions
  • Tips for passing the test
  • Information on booking your CSCS test
  • Information on finding your nearest CSCS test centre
  • What to expect on your test day

In conjunction with the book, a CSCS DVD is also available; this will allow you to engage in real-time mock tests that contain questions and answers that are quite similar to those that can be expected during the real test. Ultimately, the CSCS test revision book can represent a powerful tool to help prepare you for your upcoming CSCS examination.

As you can see this revision book covers everything you’ll need to know to pass your test. So if you’re planning to take your CSCS test soon, get the official Health Safety and Environment Test revision book.

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