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The CSCS test revision notes below will cover everything you need to revise for the “General Responsibilities” section of your CSCS test.

To make the revision process quick and easy, we’ve highlighted all the main points you’ll need to know to answer the questions in your CSCS test.

1. An accident investigation is essential to maintaining a safe working environment, its main objective is to find the root cause of an accident so as to prevent the same accident in the future.

2. We all have a part to play in maintaining a safe work place, it’s everyone’s responsibility to report unsafe working conditions so as to prevent accidents.

3. Slips, trips and falls are among the most common workplace accidents, this is one of the main reasons you should always try to maintain a clean and tidy working area.

4. Key health and safety points are usually discussed during a site induction, if you’re unclear about any of points discussed during this time you should ask the presenter to explain or go over until it’s fully understood.

5. A building site can get very busy at times, if you’re ever in a position where another worker’s job is putting your health and safety at risk you should stop working and consult your supervisor on the matter.

6. One common term used on a construction site is “Prohibition Notice”; if a particular tool was issued with a prohibition notice it means that it is not safe for use.

7. If an entire worksite has been issued with a prohibition notice this means that the worksite is unsafe and you must stop working immediately.

8. If a Health and Safety Executive inspector sees you working and issues an improvement notice it means that you are not working in a safe way.

9. The Health and Safety Act places legal duties on everyone at work, not just your employer or their employees.

10. The Health and Safety act is important to workers because it places legal duties on employers to ensure they have a safe working environment.

11. As a worker you will have many legal duties but you do not have to write your own risk assessments.

12. We all have a part to play in our health and safety at work but the job of managing health and safety on a construction site is the responsibility of the site manager.

13.One common term you’ll hear in any workplace is “Risk Assessment”; this is used to identify the hazards of a job and it offers a safe means of carrying out the job.

14. You’ll hear the word hazard quite a lot on a construction site; a hazard is anything that could cause harm to you.

15. If for some reason you discover that you cannot carry out a job in the way outlineed in the method statement you should consult with your supervisor before starting any work.

16. Another common term you’ll hear on a construction site is “Permit to Work”; this is necessary to allow certain jobs to be carried out under a controlled environment.

17. If you’re new to a worksite you will find out about the site health and safety rules when you attend the site induction.

18. Site inductions are very important to all workers on a construction site, for this reason everyone who is working on the site should attend their site induction.

19. Two common topics discussed during a site induction are the site rules and the emergency procedures of that particular site.

20. A toolbox talk is another common term used within the construction (and other) industry. This is a very short discussion on a particular health and safety topic.

21. A near miss a term used to describe an accident that was narrowly avoided.

22. As workers we all can help to avoid accidents by reporting any unsafe working practices or conditions we come across.

23. Many issues are usually discussed during a site induction but the main reason you should attend your site induction is to find out about the site safety rules and site hazards.

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