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CSCS Mock Test 3

CSCS or the Construction Skills Certification Scheme has become a vital part in ensuring workers are competent in their knowledge of onsite health and safety practices. Most construction sites in the UK will require a valid CSCS card before they even let you onsite, and the only way of getting a CSCS card is to pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment Test.

The CSCS Health and Safety test is ultimately designed to increase awareness regarding the best practices on and around construction sites, so it will naturally cover all aspects of physical responsibility including but not limited to electrical knowledge, proper use of equipment, chemical hazards and accident reporting are just a few to mention.

This Health Safety and Environment test will be in a multiple choice format, very much like the practice test below, each question will require 1 or more answers depending on the question requirements. So, let us have a quick look at some sample CSCS test questions to get a bit of practice.

1. What must do when working in a hearing protection zone?

a. Cease using loud equipment and machinery

b. Wear adequate hearing protection

c. Avoid speaking to others, as they may become distracted

d. Work quickly and exit the area to avoid hearing damage

2. When are the rules regarding health and safety normally discussed?

a. After your first shift

b. After the first full week of work

c. At the site induction

d. As soon as your first task is assigned

3. Green safety signs signify:

a. An employee must do something

b. Safe conditions

c. A hazard

d. Fire alarm point

4. Which type of extinguisher should be used on class F fires?

a. Dry powder

b. Water

c. Wet chemical

d. Carbon Dioxide

5. Equipment being used has recently been served a prohibition notice? If you are using this equipment, what should you do?

a. If the device seems to be working properly, continue to use it

b. Nothing, the notice is only for a specific employee

c. Cease using the device until it has passed a safety inspection

d. Report the notice to your supervisor at the end of your shift

6. What would you do if you notice a live electrical wire fall into a puddle of water?

a. Notify others nearby

b. Immediately remove the cord from the water

c. Carry on working and report it later

d. Avoid the area completely

7. Why must workers sign in when entering a site?

a. To make certain that all are accounted for in the event of an emergency

b. Working hours need to be recorded by the HSE

c. To make certain that the correct number of hours are being worked

d. It is not compulsory to sign in

8. Why is a site induction important?

a. All relevant health and safety rules are discussed

b. Workers can determine the best way to perform their job

c. First aid packs are distributed

d. It provides the opportunity to meet all managers and supervisors

9. What are Class Three ladders designed for?

a. Home or domestic use

b. They are to be used with jobs that have heights greater than 30 feet

c. They are designed to be used with jobs where bucket lifts are not possible

d. Building site purposes

10. After working on a site for a number of months, you feel that some of the safety measures may be outdated. What should you do?

a. Speak to other coworkers regarding this concern

b. Consult your supervisor accordingly

c. There is nothing that you are able to do

d. Write to the HSE

11. What should you do to protect yourself from electric shock if you have to use a 230-volt tool?

a. Use a residual current device (RCD)

b. Use the tool in short bursts to minimize risk

c. Ensure you are wearing rubber boots and gloves

d. Ensure safety screens are placed around you

12. Building sites usually use a 110-volt electricity supply instead of a 230-volt supply because ___.

a. It is much cheaper

b. It’s more environmentally friendly

c. It’s less likely to kill someone

d. It’s better for electrical tools

1-b  2-c  3-b  4-c  5-c  6-a  7-a  8-a  9-a  10-b  11-a  12-c


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