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CSCS Mock Test

In this CSCS mock test we’ll be asking a series of basic health and safety questions, these questions will cover some of the most popular topics covered in the real test, just like the real test some questions will require a single answer and some will require multiple answers.

The Construction Skills Certification scheme (otherwise known as CSCS) is the most widely recognised program designed to help educate and test worker’s knowledge on the safety risks and dangers that occur in the construction industry. The test itself is quite straightforward and requires basic to intermediate health and safety knowledge depending on the type of CSCS card you’re applying for.

Passing the CSCS test regardless of which test your taking requires practice, completing the CSCS mock exam below is an excellent way of preparing yourself for the real CSCS test, these mock test questions are formulated much like the actual test where a series of multiple choice questions and answers are selected at random and you must choose the best possible answer or answers.

1. What does it mean if your entire work-site has been given a prohibition notice?

a. You will have to work shorter shifts

b. Only skilled personnel can continue working

c. All personnel must immediately stop working

d.An on-site supervisor has been fined due to a lack of safety protocol

2. What is considered a safe voltage when using electrical equipment on a construction site?

a. 115 volts

b. 220 volts

c.240 volts

d.110 volts

3. If a worker is uncomfortable climbing to a certain height on a specific type of ladder, he or she should:

a. Change the ladder

b. Notify the site supervisor

c. Ask for someone else to foot the ladder

d. Only climb up to a comfortable height

4. Disposable earplugs are essential when working in loud environments. How many times can a disposable earplug safely be worn?

a. Only once

b. Twice

c. Three times if they are cleaned after

d. As long as the sound is inhibited, they can be used indefinitely

5. What does the colour blue on a fire extinguisher indicate?

a. Water

b. Halogen

c. Dry Powder

d. Carbon dioxide

6. If a fire is encountered on the work site, where must all workers assemble?

a. All employees must vacate the premises and head to the nearest source of water

b. The designated fire assembly point

c. Workers must remain on the site unless they are in immediate physical danger

d. Workers must immediately find their supervisor for further instructions

7. What does a red and white sign displaying a finger pressing a button next to a fire represent?

a. The location of the fire alarm

b. The location of the fire assembly point

c. The location of the fire extinguisher

d. None of the above

8. A co-worker is dizzy and complains of feeling faint. What is the appropriate action to take?

a. Have someone contact emergency services

b. Remove them from the sun into a cooler environment

c. Give them any appropriate medication they may need to take

d. Have them lie down in a comfortable position

9. What type of fire extinguisher should be used on a fuel-based fire?

a. Wet chemical

b. Foam

c. Water

d. Carbon Dioxide

10. If a work tool has been issued a prohibition notice this means ___.

a. It can only be operated by approved personnel

b. It can only be operate by senior staff members

c. It must not be used until it is made safe

d. It must be discarded immediately

Answers to this CSCS Mock Test
1. c 2. d 3. b 4. a 5. c 6. b 7. a 8. a 9. b 10. c


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